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Chamber Releases Q1 2024 Kingston Council Report Card

The Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce is pleased to unveil their 1st Quarter 2024 Kingston City Council Report Card.  The document is the result of work by the Chamber’s member-led advocacy committee and Chamber staff.

“In 2024 we continue to track the motions that are directly related to Kingston's business and that enable our business community to become more competitive. We are therefore pleased to provide the first installment for calendar year 2024, which is a summary of the motions for the first quarter of 2024,” said Karen Cross, CEO of The Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce. “This report card outlines important points for the development of Kingston's business and should be followed during the year 2024. Therefore, we want to encourage our civic leaders to continue to support initiatives that promote the development of our business community.”

The report card is a quarterly document that tracks how city council voted on business issues which came to the full city council during its meetings. This report card specifically looks at January, February, and March 2024.

In this time period, 6 business-related motions that came to council are referenced for review. Of those motions, all 6 resulted in positive business outcomes (‘green) but we did add a cautionary (‘yellow highlight) to 1.  The overall rating for the quarter was ‘green’ and was the case in the last quarter of 2023.  This alignment is a positive indication of how advocacy can continue to move the needle forward for our business community.

Your Chamber engages with all 3 levels of government to advocate for our business community to ensure that business issues and areas of concern are front and centre.  As a member-driven business organization that has a mission to stimulate the growth and prosperity of the local business community, we work hard as your alliance partner to amplify your voice, so you can continue to focus on your business and do the great work you do everyday.

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Download the GKCC Council Report Card Q1-2024 - Click here

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