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Thank You for Shopping Local

Kingston is full of amazing locally owned and operated businesses. Their passion and hard work help make Kingston the amazing place it is. When you buy local, you support these businesses, and support local jobs.

The holidays are mere days away and with Black Friday and Small Business Saturday now in the rear-view mirror, you’re surely hearing the question: have you started your shopping yet? Whether you’re a year-round holiday gift buyer or more of a last-minute shopper, we all love seeing the surprised and delighted reaction on the faces of friends and loved ones when they open that perfect gift.

What types of gifts do we treasure most fondly? The research is consistent: it’s gifts with a personal touch. It’s not always about the dollars spent, but the time and the thought put in instead.

The research underscores the importance of shopping local. While there’s always a time and a place for those items that are only made overseas or sold online, by shopping local connects the gift recipient with their local community and adds another layer of meaning to their gift.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to shop local. The next time you’re shopping online or in an app, ask yourself whether you could get the same thing from a local store. Given the clogged supply chains and mail routes, consider how much faster you could have that item in your hands by visiting a local store. And think about how a local merchant can add value to your gift with expert advice.

When you’re planning to fill a stocking for a child or grandchild, think about swapping out an item or two for something local which they might treasure for years to come. If you are shopping for kids, why not visit a few local stores with them to see their eyes light up with the magic of Christmas instead of the light from computer screens?

Know that when you’re enjoying your holiday festivities with your own family, somewhere else in Kingston another local family is celebrating too because you decided to keep your money in our community. Thank you for shopping local.

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