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Here’s what they are saying, Pittsburgh District #12 candidates respond to the business community

The Chamber membership asked three questions of our candidates, details below.

* Ryan Nelson Boehme            

* Lindsay Duggan


Question 1: What do you see as the top issue or issues affecting local businesses, and how would you use your vote on the council to address these issues?

Ryan Nelson Boehme - Top issue facing businesses is recovery from pandemic and changing consumer behavior.

On council I will work to create better liaison and support for businesses and seek a continuous working relationship to see what other supports local businesses need to help our city prosper. The future of our city is tied to the health of our local businesses.


Question 2: Do you believe Kingston needs to do more to support, attract, and retain business and jobs in the coming council term? What would you like to see achieved in this file in the coming four years?

Ryan Nelson Boehme - Yes, Kingston needs to continue to be competitive and keep the talent we have and attract new businesses.

I would like to see us find out and track what brings new businesses to our area, what keeps them here and what supports we can put in place to ensure they are able to stay here as they grow. We need to do more to keep what we have as it grows in size, while attracting new businesses as well.


Question 3: How would you define success in this role for yourself, the city at large, and the district you intend to serve?

Ryan Nelson Boehme - Success in this role is about creating and maintaining a healthy local economy that includes collaboration with businesses to ensure a healthy city. We are all part of a larger system and businesses are key to the overall health and success of our city. As an elected representative it is crucial that residents see our steadfast support for our local businesses.


*The Chamber reached out to all candidates for response. Lindsay Duggan did not submit a response.

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