Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce

Member Services

The Chamber works hard to add value and provide services to its members in a number of ways, from helping you succeed in your business, to enabling you to save money. Please learn more about the number of member services we offer, and feel free to contact us at for more information.


Relationships are key to any successful business – customers, suppliers, prospects and advisors all need to be discovered and relationships maintained. The Chamber provides numerous opportunities for members to establish and enhance their business relationships at our networking-focused events like our mixers and Connect Business Expo. But we are also careful to include elements of networking in all of our events, from golf tournaments to breakfast speakers, to our volunteer opportunities.

We also recognize that networking can be an intimidating prospect for new business owners, and people who may be shy. Walking into a room filled with people you don’t know is a frightening idea. That’s why the Chamber is pleased to match first-time networkers with experienced Chamber volunteers who can be their "buddy" for an event, helping them make introductions. For information about this benefit, please contact the Chamber office.

Our members benefit greatly from utilizing the networking opportunities we provide. To learn about upcoming events where you will have the chance to build your networks, please consult the events calendar.


Running your business involves not only the technical aspects of the good or service you provide, but also the "business" aspects like marketing and sales, finance and HR. Not only are there skills you need to have, but information about regulations and changes in the marketplace that you need to keep apprised of.

The Chamber works to help its members learn the things they need to in order to be successful in their business. Our communications and workshops, as well as speaker presentations, try to fill in some of those gaps for you, and make you aware of things that are important for you to know about.

We are always looking to improve the ways in which we add value to our members this way, so if you ever have any ideas for topics you’d like help with, or want to suggest a speaker you’d like to hear, please contact us at For the listing of our current roster of events and workshops, please visit our events calendar.