Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce

Information Session - Peru, The Inca Journey

Thursday June 6th, 2019
1st Session 2:30pm - 3:30pm
2nd Session 4:30pm - 5:30pm


Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning
The Rehersal Hall
370 King Street West
Kingston, On


No cost to attend
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Join us for a presentation on our upcoming journey to Peru:

“Discover the serenity of Machu Picchu, shrouded by mist and surrounded by lush vegetation and steep escarpments, the sprawling Inca citadel of Machu Picchu lives up to every expectation. In a spectacular location, it’s the most famous archaeological site on the continent, a must for all visitors to Peru. It has been seared into our collective consciousness, though nothing can diminish the thrill of being here. This awe-inspiring ancient city was never revealed to the conquering Spaniards and was virtually forgotten until the early part of the 20th century.” ~ Lonely Planet
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