Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce

National Issues

Through our active involvement with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) and its advocacy and policy work, we are influencing the CCC’s policy agenda and making sure that they are lobbying for issues that are important for Kingston businesses.

2019  Budget Analysis

On the positive side, Budget 2019 did not include any new increases to income taxes paid by businesses. It did deliver on several new incentives to help businesses innovate and recruit and retain talent. Read the Kingston Chamber's local media release here. 

Council of the Federation Meeting: National Unity Starts with One Market in Canada

For the 200,000 businesses that the Canadian Chamber represents throughout its network, the most direct way to strengthen our federation is to eliminate our internal barriers to trade and mobility so Canadians may work and do business as one country. Read more.

A Needed Review of Canada's Tax System 

Today, technologies, supply chains and competition are completely different and have disrupted entire industries, if not our entire economy. Every country is trying desperately to harness innovation as well as cope with artificial intelligence and the sharing economy as they reshape how we live and work — and how we tax. Read the Kingston Chamber's letter to our local MP here. 

This is just a sampling of the issues the Chamber is actively working on. We always welcome additional input about issues affecting your business, to guide and focus our efforts on your behalf. If you are interested in participating in any of our advocacy working groups, or would like to provide personal experience and information about an issue, please call, Advocacy & Policy Development Specialist, Bill Stewart at 613.548.4453 x 1002, or email

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