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Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Through our active involvement with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) and its advocacy and policy work, we are influencing their policy agenda and making sure that they are lobbying for issues that are important for Kingston businesses.

Vote Prosperity                                                            




Our direct work with the CCC

Some of the policy areas in which we have been directly involved include:

Information on Proposed Federal Tax Changes (August 2017)   

Kingston Advocacy For Small Business (KASB Submission)

KASB Executive Summary on the federal tax issues. 

KASB Exhibits For federal submission

Update on Passive Income

Skills Training: The Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce had a resolution adopted that aims to tackle the skills “mismatch”. We have encouraged government to compile better labour market projections, and address challenges such as restrictive apprenticeship ratios. We also work to better integrate foreign-trained workers and immigrant entrepreneurs into Kingston’s business community.

Other work by the CCC

Infrastructure: In a time of heightened international competition, Canada’s transport infrastructure requires significant investment to maintain its trade competitiveness in international markets – including the key U.S. and Mexican markets. Canada’s export-based economy relies upon efficient roads, ports, waterways, railways, airports and pipelines to move Canadian products and services. In a new report released today, The Infrastructure that Matters Most, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Canada West Foundation make the case for the need to invest in trade-enabling infrastructure.

Time to Expand Into the US?

Julia Klann, CPA, CA, KPMG Partner, US & Cross Border Tax Services