Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce

Local Issues

Your Chamber works actively on a number of issues at any one time. For a brief overview of some of the things we are working on, see below or contact the office for more information. As well, feel free to check out our most recent advocacy update.

Municipal Election 2018


Information for Potential Council and Mayoral Candidates

Opinion Paper on Kingston Transportation – A Case Framework for Enhancement 


The amalgamated City of Kingston Transportation Master Plan involves a number of connecting
operations. From Norman Rogers Airport and public transit to street extension and land development, everything is a network to improvement. Kingston has a number of options available.

To view the paper, please click here.

Current Issues


Municipal Election: We asked questions about business issues of local candidates and have published the responses and non-responses of those elected to office. (Details)

Neighbourhood Enhcancement: The Chamber engaged with with representatives from communities and neighbourhoods involved in planning such as the Wellington Street corridor and downtown area affected by new condominium projects. It is always imperative to collect as much information as possible to understand all the positions and feelings of those impacted in any future development and enhancement of city space.   /default/assets/File/Get%20Your%20Condo%20Costs%20Under%20Control.pdf

Local Procurement: The Kingston Chamber established a procurement advisory group as a positive consultative forum that works to demystify the procurement processes of Kingston government and institutions. The aim is to open opportunities for more local SME’s to be vendors to these large purchaers. A series of educational seminars will be presented to help local businesses better understand the procurement process.

Labour force Issues: The Chamber understands that many businesses are having trouble accessing the skilled labour they need.  We actively participate in the Kingston Immigration Partnership, working on initiatives to help better integrate foreign-trained professionals into our workplaces as a partial solution.  We also communicate with local post-secondary institutions about which skills are needed by employers.