Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce

Local Issues



Local Federal Election Program: The Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce will be working on a number of issues, hold events, and offer daily updates to the business community leading up to the October 21st national vote. We continue to advocate on our member’s behalf to see that candidates for office have a clear vision for a city that is competitive and open for business.

Intensification: The Chamber has and will continue to support development projects that are: aesthetically pleasing; respectful of the character of the area; likely to add to the vibrancy of the area; increase the availability of residential units; likely to create a net positive economic impact on our City. 

Labour force: The Chamber understands that many businesses have trouble accessing the skilled labour they need.  We actively participate in the local workforce development groups within the City, College and University and Chamber representatives provide feedback and knowledge through committee work and consultation. We also communicate with local post-secondary institutions about which skills are needed by employers. Read more


This is just a sampling of the issues the Chamber is actively working on. We always welcome additional input about issues affecting your business, to guide and focus our efforts on your behalf. If you are interested in participating in any of our advocacy working groups, or would like to provide personal experience and information about an issue, please call, Advocacy & Policy Development Specialist, Bill Stewart at 613.548.4453 x 1002, or email